Business Benefits

  • Unify & streamline all business areas (multiple businesses and/or multiple site and/or multiple functions) under a single, online and responsive system
  • Have a 360 0 view' & control of all business areas/ sites/ functions and their corresponding financials
  • Unleash productivity and creativity of users with required and relevant access and business multiplier tools
  • Expand business and customer base & interaction points and unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Enable proactive business instead of reactive work culture
  • Generate customer delight through Credibility & Care
  • Enhance brand value through Performance & Transparency

Potential –ROI- in following areas
Expenditure Control
Enhancing Efficiencies
  • Integrated checklists in workflows to minimize and control cost over-runs due to oversights and errors
  • Reduction in people required to support business areas
  • Automation and e-enabling business functions
  • Integrated material Purchase & Management across sites

Reducing Costs
  • Cost reduction (target 15-30% reduction)
  • Superior Inventory & Equipment Utilization, Management And Control
  • Integrated labor management

Revenue Enhancement
  • Improve margins through integrated and online financials
  • Unlock new revenue areas from business and customer data
  • Enhance revenue by unlocking productivity of existing employees


"Farmer Cooperatives have accepted, absorbed and are using sophisticated technology in their day to day business," Dr.C.Rangarajan complimented CoOptions.

News & Events

Dr. C. Rangarajan, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council for Prime Minister, visited Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) at Anthampalli village, Nizamabad District, A.P on 16th April 2007.