Pax Enterprise

The PaX ERP is a comprehensive multi-user software solution for the cooperative rural banks. The solution automates the cooperative credit as well as commercial banking and trading activities.
It is a mult-user version built on .NET platform, available in ELEVEN Indian languages.
Stable ERP product running in TELUGU in 1234 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies in Andhra Pradesh, along with Mulkanoor Co-operative Rural Bank and Marketing Society Limited. Mulkanoor Society is the largest Cooperative society in South Asia that runs on CoOptions ERP with 45 users.
The KANADA version is being used by Three Head offices and Nine branches of PACS in Karnataka since seven years.
Three PACS in Indore district are suing the ERP in HINDI version.
This product is loved by the users for its ease of use, accepted and approved by Cooperative Banks and National Cooperative Bodies for its comprehensiveness as a solution for the sector.


  • Bring technology to the grassroot users through simple user interfaces that require minimal computer skills.
  • Streamline operations by implementing standard accounting procedures, processes and systems.
  • Enable the PACS to give timely and efficient service to the farmers.
  • Enable the PACS to meet statutory requirements like annual audits.
  • Facility to define new types of loans and deposits.
  • Supports mass mailing of demand notices, etc, to members.
  • Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Posting to primary ledgers.
  • Generating CLA, DCB, MIS and statutory reports.
  • Interest calculation and posting.
  • Generating demand notes.
  • Posting vouchers.